‘A massive overhaul of Epcot’s new World Showcase’: Inside the renovation of the historic World Showground

The World Showgrounds of Epix and Disney’s Hollywood Studios have been under renovation for nearly a decade.

And the renovations are coming to an end this summer.

The World Showland’s renovation was announced in July 2016, and the project is expected to be complete by 2019.

The new park is expected as a world-class destination, and there will be a new attraction, a brand new theme park, and a new area for visitors to wander.

There are a number of major elements that have been included in the World Showlands renovation.

The main one being a new themed area called Epcot, which has been designed by French design firm ILC Design.

The renovation is expected take up to a decade to complete, and some experts predict that it will take up much longer than that.

The theme park will be built from scratch, with new attractions added every two years.

The Epcot project also includes the addition of a new theme pavilion, a new restaurant, and new shops, restaurants and hotels.

The changes will also affect the park’s landscaping, with a new pond added to the Epcot River in 2019.

The new park will open in 2021, and Epcot will be fully remodeled and expanded in 2022.

The park will have new attractions every year, as well as a new “mixed-use” area with new restaurants and retail shops.

There will also be a brand-new theme park that will be constructed and opened in 2019, with an upgraded theme park in 2021.

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The park will not be entirely complete, however, as it will only be accessible to guests with special permits, and that will include Epcot employees.

In 2019, Epcot officials plan to open the World Pavilion, a pavilion where guests will be able to experience new experiences in Epcot.

There are plans for a new park called Epoque, a space for Epcot residents and guests to live together.

There is also a new pavilion at the Disneyland Resort, and it will be open only to guests of Epo-Parks.

In 2020, the Disney Cruise Line will open a new resort in Epo Queue.

The resort will offer more than 200 rooms, restaurants, shopping, and dining options.

The Epcot renovation was officially announced in May 2018.

The project is still ongoing and it is expected that it could take up as long as eight years to complete.

It is expected the new World Park will open to the public in 2019 and it has been reported that it is not expected to change much from the current theme park.

Epcot’s World Showpark has been in operation since 1958, and its renovation is still going strong.

The construction work is expected for another three years.

In addition to the new attractions, the World Park also includes a brand of new attractions that will offer a much more immersive experience.

In 2018, the theme park opened the Star Wars Land and Space World in the park.

It has since expanded the park to include Star Wars World, Star Wars Marketplace, Star Trek Land, Star Tours, and more.

Disney’s Hollywood Studio and Epix are the two major construction projects that are expected to complete before the end of this summer, and they are expected for completion in 2021 or 2022.

Both of these projects are expected not to change too much from current theme parks.

Disney is the parent company of Epax, which owns the Epix brand of media and entertainment properties.

The company also owns and operates Walt Disney Studios.