When renter Danielle Renova says she was left with “the most expensive kitchen in the house”

Renova, who was born in Miami and raised in New Orleans, has a simple answer to anyone who asks why she has the most expensive living space in her home.

She says it’s because she’s been cooking for 25 years, and that means it has to be something special.

But for some, that kitchen is just a kitchen.

She has a large kitchenette, a large pantry, and a large stove.

Her living room has three large bedrooms, one large living room and a master bedroom.

The kitchen is also the main area of the home, so Renova has to make sure it looks good.

And if it’s not good enough, she’ll have to get rid of it.

So why is her kitchen so expensive?

“I just have a certain amount of pride in what I do,” she says.

“If it’s something that I’ve been cooking since I was 4 years old, I think it’s really special.”

In a lot of ways, the answer to why her kitchen is so expensive is simple: Renova cooks, and she likes to eat at restaurants, so she spends a lot on food.

She’s a big fan of French fries, french toast, fried chicken, and hamburgers, but also enjoys a lot more traditional American foods like ribs and hamburger.

“I like to eat the good things, the food that I cook,” she explains.

“And I also like to cook for myself.”

Renova’s kitchen is a little more complicated than just the food and cooking she does.

The interior of the kitchen is not exactly as Renova likes it to be.

There are two large windows overlooking her kitchen, but they’re covered by a heavy curtain.

The walls are lined with shelves, but not the kind of shelves you’d typically find in a kitchen, and Renova uses a lot less wood than she used to.

The ceilings are also not as high as they should be.

And when Renova walks through her kitchen in her kitchenette in her living room, she doesn’t always see the kitchen as she would in her apartment.

She sees a lot fewer appliances.

Instead, Renova spends most of her time in the kitchen making dinner for herself and cooking meals for her family.

Renova admits that she makes mistakes.

When she cooks dinner, she’s usually a little overwhelmed by the amount of ingredients she needs.

But she says, “I try to cook it as much as I can and it’s always better than what I could have cooked.”

So, what about the costs of living?

Renova said that the costs to live in her Miami condo are $4,800 a month for her two-bedroom condo, which includes a pool and private gym.

But that’s because Renova doesn’t want to spend a lot to live on a lower income.

She said she’s never been wealthy.

She doesn’t have a car and doesn’t even have a mortgage because she rents out her condo to a few people.

Renovas apartment is about 3,500 square feet, but she said she spends more on her kitchen than she spends on the condo.

Renoos rent is $1,000 a month.

Renos rent also includes a small fee to use her kitchen when she has guests over.

When Renooses guests come over, she does a lot for them, cleaning the kitchen and cleaning the living room.

She does dishes, make-up, and laundry and also does the laundry.

Renoise said she gets a lot out of being home alone and with her family, so having a big kitchen is part of what she loves about being home.

“It’s so relaxing,” she said.

“When I’m at home, I’m in the mood to do things.

I just want to make dinner for myself and my family, because it’s so nice.”

Renoise told HuffPost that the money she spends is spent on her health and well-being.

“As much as you can afford to, you can make the best decisions you can, but I want to do my best,” she told HuffPost.

She explained that living in Miami allows her to spend more time in nature and get a better sense of her surroundings.

“Living here allows me to feel a little bit more at home,” she explained.

“This is where I go when I’m feeling stressed, or just when I have to be at work.”

And when she gets home, she spends some of that money on things like a yoga class, yoga pants, and other classes to get her in shape.

“My goal is to become a better chef,” she added.

“So I’m really motivated to get out there and make people happy.”

When Renova does have guests over, Renoas main focus is cooking, and if it means spending more money on her food, she loves it