‘Bathroom renovation’ ideas can be as simple as painting over a sink

When the water faucet breaks, the only solution is to put on a mask.

The same is true of bathroom renovation ideas that require nothing more than painting a wall or adding a showerhead.

For instance, adding a sink can be simple, but what if you wanted to add a shower head, too?

The best way to tackle these types of DIY projects is to hire an interior designer, say the pros at Bathroom Refinishing.

“The beauty of a interior designer is that you can work with someone who can customize the bathroom design to meet your needs,” says Julie Williams, who is the head of design at Bathrooms Refinish.

“That way you’re always getting a great price and you’re getting someone who has a good eye for detail.”

A bathtub bathroom renovation can be a great way to show off your favorite bathroom, say home decorators.

For example, the designer can customize your bathroom to include a sink and shower head.

Or, she can build an elaborate, custom-built bathtub.

It’s up to you, the homeowner, to decide how much you’re willing to spend and when you’re ready to make your bathroom a home away from home.

The most basic bathtub renovation is simply a simple stain removal, like painting over the sink.

However, a better idea is to take things a step further and add a new bathtub-style feature to your bathroom.

To do this, start by painting over one of your existing sinks and shower heads.

If you’ve ever wanted to show your guests that you’ve got a new bathroom, it can be quite a shock when the sink is not in working order.

To paint over the water in your sink, paint it with a spray bottle and the sink’s drain plug.

You can paint over your existing shower head as well.

For more bathroom renovation inspiration, read our slideshow on how to remodel your bathroom and find a bathroom remodel guide from your local home improvement store.