How the ranch house remodelling business changed over the last decade

After spending a few years remodelling their house in a remote area of the ranch, the owners decided to sell.

“It’s one of those things where, we really didn’t want to lose the ranch,” says David and Helen, who also have two daughters, one in college.

“We’d been trying to do this for 20 years, and it was going so well.

It was so much fun.”

With the ranch home sold, the couple had little choice but to buy the property back.

The ranch is in a rural area in northern Nevada.

It is owned by the Ranching Co-operative of America (RCA) which, according to its website, is a non-profit organisation “dedicated to promoting ranching and land conservation.”

In a nutshell, the organisation helps ranchers and ranchers themselves manage their land and manage the impacts of land management on their land.

In the past, the Co-op has donated money to local charities and organisations.

“They’re great organisations,” David says.

“Their mission is to help ranchers who are in distress and who have to manage their lands.”

And we were doing this for them.

“The Ranching Cooperative of America’s mission statement is to “support and conserve the ranching heritage of our people”.

Its website lists the ranch as being in a region that was previously occupied by the Blackfeet people.

In 2012, BLM officials raided the ranch and confiscated the cattle and horses from the property, which has been the property of the Coop for nearly 60 years.

The Coop, who claim they have no control over the land, has also faced a number of legal challenges over their use of the land.

According to BLM, the property was not legally owned when the BLM took it over in 2012.

Since then, the ranch has faced a myriad of legal issues, including a lawsuit brought by the Coopers against the BLM.”

In 2014, the BLM issued a court order which basically said that they didn’t have any right to take this property,” says Sharon Stoll, a lawyer representing the Cooper.”

The BLM said that the Coops ownership of the property is invalid, so that’s why they took it away.

“The Coopers were eventually able to get the property returned to them.”

When BLM was taking the land away, they said that this land was not a ranch.

The ranch, which was home to an estimated 1,000 animals at one point, is now owned by an organisation that has taken over its management.”

So the BLM was using that land as a ranch.”

The ranch, which was home to an estimated 1,000 animals at one point, is now owned by an organisation that has taken over its management.

The organisation, the Blackfoot Nation of America, claims to have a vision for the ranch.

According the website, the land will “become a cultural resource, and as such, we are committed to preserving and protecting the Blackwater Heritage”.

The Blackfoot nation’s website claims that the land’s history “will continue to shape our community and future generations”.

In an interview with the ABC’s The Weekend ABC in February, Blackfoot leader Dave Wilson said the land could become a “great community” and a “sacred place for our people.”

In 2016, the first Blackfoot conference took place at the Coopy.

According in the Black Foot Nation’s website, there are “many stories to tell, and stories to share” about the land that was once owned by Blackfoot people.

“I would say, from my perspective, this is where it all began for us.

It just happens that we’re in a very unique situation,” said Wilson.”

To us, this property is sacred and it’s going to be a part of our lives for generations to come.”

There are other lands that have been lost, but this is one of the few.”‘

A lot of pain’For David and his family, the loss of the farm and the ranch was an “a lot of loss”.”

I think the biggest pain is the fact that we have to sell it and move on with our lives,” he says.”[I’m] not going to have the time to go back and do this again.

“He adds: “We are going to take it to the next level and hopefully one day we’ll be able to buy this place.