House renovation services company to hire 100 more workers

Hiring more workers to handle renovations on homes would create a $500 million job in the next three years and would create the largest construction workforce in the state, according to a company report.

The company, which operates in 20 states, said the expansion would allow it to handle about 150,000 to 200,000 work days annually.

It also said it would hire the top skilled workers to help build homes.

House renovation companies currently work with about 20 to 25 contractors each year, according the company.

The state Department of Labor and Industries said Monday it would begin a pilot program for contractors to be paid for the time they work with House renovation businesses.

The program would cover contractors that work for the state.

The department will spend $3.6 million this year on the program.

A state Department for Occupational Safety and Health inspector will help run the program, the agency said in a statement.