How ‘Sesame Street’ fans are turning their basement into a home for a new movie project

Sesame Street’s new movie The Last Five Minutes is set to debut this month, and some of its most devoted fans are taking to their basement as their home for some kind of creative process.

In a series of tweets, fans have posted photos and videos showing their renovations, which include adding windows and a patio, decorating and installing furniture and installing a bar with a projector.

One of the most popular photos is of a basement that had been converted into a bar for the film, and a caption reads, “This is a place for creative creativity.

Here’s a glimpse inside.

You can do what you want.”

Another caption shows the inside of a kitchen, which has been converted to a dining room.

A photo of the kitchen shows an old stove that has been restored and turned into a refrigerator, which can be used to heat drinks and meals.

A third caption shows a wall that has also been converted, and is decorated with original artwork.

“The movie is in theaters now, but you can still see some of the old pictures on the wall in the movie,” the caption reads.

Another photo shows an interior staircase that has recently been converted.

The caption reads “This staircase is a great way to get around the building and to get to the other floors.

There’s also a very old elevator, which we’ve restored and painted.”

Another photo, which shows a bedroom and dining room, has also received more attention.

The image shows a bed that has a new mattress and a chair that has an old sofa that’s been converted and used as a desk.

Another image shows the interior of the basement.

The tweet says, “It’s got a fireplace, and it’s also got a wall of vintage furniture.

We’ve put up some vintage paintings.””

The whole thing has been done by the community, so it’s been really great,” said one user who went by the handle TheDumbLion.

“It really has been inspiring and fun.

And I think it’s going to make a really great home for us to do our own renovations.”

Sesame Workshop has not yet commented on whether the movie will be released on Blu-ray or DVD.