How to rebuild your house after a zero-renova pod build

Renova pod builders are finding ways to keep their buildings from falling apart during the construction process.

But many are concerned the cost of a zero pod will be too high. 

In New Zealand, one of the first zero-pod builders, Burt O’Donnell, has built his house to resemble a spaceship. 

“It was going to be a massive spaceship and a lot of the details have been changed,” he said.

“We’ve gone from a three-storey building to a six-storeys building. 

It’s all been done by hand.”

It’s a very big project and it took us months and months of planning and building.

“O’Donnell said he had to make sure the exterior walls were all painted and that the whole building was sealed. 

He also made sure the windows and door frames were covered in vinyl.

The first floor of his house is made up of a single bedroom and living room, with a small bathroom and kitchen. 

The house is also fitted with a fridge and microwave, and the entire house has been covered in stainless steel. 

O’Neill said his house would be completely self-sufficient with no electricity or running water, and he planned to leave his dogs at home.”

I can’t do it all by myself, so I’m working with my mum and dad to make the place as self-sustaining as possible,” he told ABC Radio New Zealand. 

One of O’Neill’s favourite parts of the project was the detail work he put into the home.

He said he bought an 8-inch stainless steel kitchen sink, which was then used to put a couple of dishes in the fridge. 

At the end of the day, O’Connell said he was aiming to make a living out of it.”

That’s where I love to do my work.

It’s not just the work, it’s the work and the fun,” he added. 

Burt Ollnani and wife Sarah are both members of a local zero-Pod builder group called the Ollndoes. 

They’re not the only ones working on their own house. 

 A recent study in Australia found there were more zero-propeller-powered house builders in New Zealand than any other country. 

Many of these builders are trying to build their own zero-prop units, but with some expensive upfront costs, it can be very hard to achieve that.

O’Connell and his wife Sarah have also created their own custom-built zero-pods to be built out of plastic and aluminium.

O’llnanney said the project has been very successful and that it’s not cheap.”

There’s a lot to be learned from it,” he explained.”

You can learn a lot from what people have built.

I think you can improve it, you can make it more efficient.” 

Ollnano and his house are still being built, and are currently undergoing some final touches.