A $15 million renovation of alfaro’s iconic Victorian office building is complete

A $16.6-million renovation of an historic Victorian office and retail building in Toronto is complete.

The Alford Centre at 1585 Yonge St. in Toronto was built in 1910 by the Alford family, who owned the York Hotel.

It has stood as a gathering place for the city’s progressive community and is now a vibrant gathering spot for artists, musicians, writers, and civic leaders.

The building’s history dates back to when the York was built, and its historic facade was restored in 2000 to reflect its heritage and make it more welcoming to visitors.

The project includes installing glass, a new elevator, a brand new kitchen and a renovated outdoor space.

The project will also create a more pedestrian-friendly environment for the neighbourhood.

The renovation was commissioned by the city, and is being done by a team of more than 50 architects and engineers from the City of Toronto and the Toronto Foundation.

The Alford Foundation is funding the project.