A new health care bill could raise premiums by $2,000 per person

In an attempt to save some money on a health care overhaul, the Trump administration is seeking to lower deductibles and co-payments for individuals who buy insurance through a state-run exchange.

The bill, titled the Affordable Care Act Repeal and Reconciliation Act of 2019, or AHCA, would lower deductible and co.payments in the individual market, and would also reduce premium costs by $500 per year for individuals and $1,000 for families, according to a draft text of the legislation.

It’s the latest effort by Trump to try to improve health care coverage for some of his most vulnerable constituents, including those with pre-existing conditions, children, and older Americans, who have more to lose than their younger counterparts.

Under the draft AHCA legislation, some of the most costly insurance subsidies for the young would be phased out, meaning younger people would pay more in premiums, and insurers would be required to provide coverage to anyone with pre‑existing conditions.

Under its current form, the draft legislation calls for an average of two people to buy a policy on the exchange.

It also includes a provision that would reduce subsidies for older adults, which would reduce the cost of insurance for those under 65.

A similar bill that was introduced in the Senate last week would also make it easier for older Americans to purchase insurance on the exchanges.