A woman’s quest to clean her own apartment without a cleaning contractor

Residencia is an Italian restaurant specializing in traditional Italian food, and the owner’s story goes far beyond her husband’s story of a failed cleaning service.

A former cleaner at a hotel in Italy who now runs a food truck, she said she came across the cleaning service after her husband was arrested on suspicion of sexual abuse.

Her husband was allegedly abusing her and she feared she would not be able to afford to clean the apartment in which they shared a small room in her apartment complex, she told Newsweek.

In an interview with Newsweek, Residenza said she had recently started looking for a cleaning company after finding one online and after her former husband filed a police report.

“I came across one online.

And I wanted to do something about it.

I found one company that could help me, so I wanted it to help me,” she said.

“They told me, ‘We don’t care about your business and don’t want to hire you.

Just call us and we’ll make sure you are paid,'” she said, adding that the company had an online address that listed her address.

After several months of waiting, the cleaning company called.

“It said that it would take about two weeks,” Residence said.

Residency said that she called the company and asked for a reference.

The company was actually located in the same building, but when she called, she was told the address was wrong.

“The guy was like, ‘It’s in my office,'” Residences husband, Gianluigi, said.

When Residentes husband called, he was told that the number had been changed.

“He said, ‘You are wrong.

The number is in my phone book,'” Residences husband said.

She told her husband that the house was on fire and that the apartment was on the second floor.

She also said that the cleaning job was on her husbands doorstep, which is also where the cleaning contractor lives.

When Gianlugi was in his car outside his apartment complex last Saturday night, he saw Residents house burned to the ground.

He said he did not want to leave the apartment until the building was cleaned up.

He called the police and Residencias husband was apprehended.

“My husband was going back to his house.

We had to leave.

We tried to do it, but he refused,” Gianlugis said.

He was taken to a nearby hospital and Resienza said that he was arrested by police and put in the back of a police car.

Resires husband is currently in jail awaiting trial for sexually abusing her.

“After two months, the police came to my door and asked me for a statement,” Gianliis said, describing his arrest.

Residentita said she found out about the alleged rape and rape threats against her husband after she received a phone call from the cleaning agency.

“And they told me that I was a bad person for reporting the rape, because the company was working for my husband,” she told CNN.

Gianluis said that when he was taken into custody last night, the officer told him that he would be arrested for two years. “

She told me it was the same guy who raped me, but they didn’t tell me his name,” Residence said.

Gianluis said that when he was taken into custody last night, the officer told him that he would be arrested for two years.

Residence, Gianiliis and Residences son were held at the jail.

Gianliiis said his father has since been released, but Residente is still facing charges for failing to comply with a court order and resisting arrest.

“She is the one who is not cooperating with the court, and that is not a legal reason to arrest her,” Gianiliiis son said.