‘We are still living the dream’

A couple in their late 50s have been renovating their farmhouse for decades, but now they’re going a step further and are selling the place.

The renovations took place at their new house, called The House, at the end of March.

“It was a little bit of a shock,” said Kathy.

“We’re really happy about it.”

It took Kathy and her husband, Dave, more than 10 years to find a new house that would accommodate them, but they finally settled on a 4,000-square-foot space.

They bought it in June and the next week the couple got a call from the City of Ottawa to remove the old house from the city’s demolition list.

“We are really happy and relieved that we are finally able to move forward,” Kathy said.

“I am looking forward to living there and being able to enjoy the garden, the beautiful yard and the nice view.”

The couple will be opening their new home to the public this month.

They’re hoping to sell the property for $150,000.