How to renovate a basement and make it livable again

A basement that was once home to a granny’s bedroom, a small storage shed and a two-bedroom apartment has now become a home that could be rented for $500,000.

The basement is home to more than a dozen rooms that were used as storage for the family and had a floor plan of a six-story building.

The bedrooms were once used as living quarters, but when the family moved into the house in 2002, the bedrooms were converted into a storage space for the kitchen.

The owners decided to renovating the space to make it habitable again.

The family purchased the home in 2012, but the family did not want to sell it to rent a one-bedroom unit.

So the owners decided they would renovate the basement to make the room livable.

A group of architects designed a plan for the renovation.

The family wanted to make their basement accessible for the public, so the architects decided to use a “low-slung concrete” style.

They added some natural light in the windows and installed an overhead light system to help the family light the space up.

The new basement is about 5 feet by 6 feet and has an opening of about four feet.

The main floor of the house has an 8-foot ceiling.

It is a two bedroom house with a living room and a basement.

The home is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the owners are seeking public comment.

The house has a new owner.

The previous owner was evicted from the house last year, so they decided to take the house back.

The house has been listed on and on the Real Estate Council of New York, which is the real estate broker for the city of New Yorkers.