‘Worst day of my life’: Family gets a new home after ‘most terrible day of all time’

The family of a family of six in North Dakota were left with a $1 million home after the family spent $1.5 million renovating their home.

The home, built in 2001, was built by a developer with connections to the Trump family.

The owner, Kevin Suter, told local news station KVLY-TV he purchased the home to renovate the house and get rid of asbestos, which was in the walls.

“It’s the worst day of our life,” said Suter.

“We got a new house.”

The home is owned by Suter and his wife, Tia, and the family has lived in it since 2013.

The couple’s eldest son, Zachary, said he thought they were “going to be okay.”

“We’re the happiest family in the world,” he said.

“I’m so grateful for them.”

Suter’s lawyer told KVLS-TV that he did not own the property and said the home was sold through a third party.

The Suters live in the small town of Fayetteville, North Dakota.

The family told KXTV that they planned to buy a house near the border with Mexico and move back to the United States, but the Trump campaign said they were unaware of the new home.

The Trump campaign has not released any additional information about the home, which is in a town called Dankensville, which has a population of only about 30.