Federal Housing Finance Agency’s Brady renovation loan program ‘the most important thing we have done’

The Federal Housing Agency is spending about $100 million to help build a new $4 billion bus repair program for Los Angeles County.

The agency says it expects the project to cost about $200 million.

The project will use federal money to renovate the bus fleet.

The federal government was originally supposed to pick up the tab for $100,000.

But Congress passed a law in October that says the FHA must pick up a larger share of the project costs, and the agency said it would be able to spend more.

The federal government already had committed about $20 million.

In September, FHA Secretary Shaun Donovan announced the project was on schedule and the Federal Transit Administration was helping with the cost.

The FHA will spend about $50 million on the bus repair project.

The project is expected to take about six months.

It will be built in the San Fernando Valley, but the agency is hoping to get the project built in more locations.

The Los Angeles area’s transportation problems and transportation infrastructure are getting attention nationally.

The Department of Transportation has launched a pilot project in California that will install an autonomous bus system that can navigate traffic and respond to emergency situations.