Which buildings are the most renovated in the US?

Updated January 26, 2018 04:20:28 With the holiday season fast approaching, CNN is looking at which of the nation’s most visited landmarks are being updated for the next decade.

In the latest edition of the annual “Top 100” list, a top-10 list that includes the most popular buildings on the planet, we found that Washington, D.C.’s Old Post Office was in the top 10, with its new glass facade, new steel roof, and new glass columns, among other enhancements.

But the Washington Monument, which is the nation ‘s most visited landmark, is also undergoing an upgrade, as is the National Mall.

New York City’s Times Square was at the top of the list, with a glass facade and new steel columns.

The top 10 is based on the number of buildings renovated, which we also counted as part of the total number of improvements that were reported.

Here are the 10 most renovated buildings in the United States.

New England New England’s famed East River Bridge is undergoing an extensive overhaul, and the new glass roof has led to some spectacular views of the New England skyline.

The New England Mall is also getting a major facelift, with new glass panels and an overhauled plaza and fountain.

New Orleans New Orleans’ historic St. Charles Cathedral is undergoing a major upgrade, with glass windows and new metal roof.

The iconic Arc de Triomphe is also receiving a major renovation, with an exterior glass facade that includes a new roof, new stone pillars, and a new glass panel that is visible from the ground.

In a nod to the iconic landmark, the New Orleans Public Library is also in the list of top 10 most visited tourist attractions.