New ‘Divine’ renovation is on the cards for the $25m ranch in Brisbane

Updated March 04, 2019 11:17:43Renovations to the $250 million Divine Ranch will begin soon after the final demolition of the former industrial property in Brisbane’s south-west, with the state’s largest company on board.

Key points:A $25 million renovation of the property is expected to begin in 2020The property will feature a new $10 million restaurantThe first phase of the project will be a new ‘Divinium’ restaurantThe property is the largest single investment in the state since the 2008 property boom”The company that owns the Divine Ranch said it had secured a $25-million investment in Brisbane by signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the City of Brisbane, which is the owner of the building, to undertake the project.”

We’re very excited about this opportunity to build on the success of the first phase and to continue to create a new destination for Brisbaneers to enjoy the hospitality of the Divine, a great property,” said Rob Gordon, vice president of business development and operations at B&C.


Rob Gordon, chief executive officer of B&%c%c.

Bergamot said it was pleased to sign a MoU with the Brisbane City Council.”

B&%%c#t is a landmark investment that will create a world-class dining and entertainment destination in Brisbane,” Mr Gordon said.”

The Divine Ranch is the most significant development in Brisbane since the 2007 property boom.

“The first stages of the $10-million restaurant and the $100-million second phase of a $10m entertainment centre will begin construction next year.

Mr Gordon said the investment would create thousands of jobs in the region, with $10,000 of each of the new $100m bonds to fund the $50m of improvements.

The $50 million renovation to the property will include a $15 million restaurant, a new €2 million entertainment centre, and a $1.5 million “cheap-as-you-can” kitchen renovation.”

That will be our flagship restaurant with a full bar, a full kitchen, and we’ll have a full menu with over 50 menu items,” he said.

The first $10million phase of renovations is expected by the end of 2020, with a second phase expected to be completed in 2020.

The second phase will include $1 million in hotel-style upgrades and a new cafe to be built on the property.

The Divine was opened by the owners in 2008, and has since been featured in films including A Christmas Carol and The Wizard of Oz.

The project will include more than 700 restaurant and cafe tables, including over 100 wine bar, an expanded entertainment centre and the opening of a brand new €10 million bar.

Bishops St Patrick’s Church will host the first Mass on the new venue in 2020, and the Divine will be the home of the local Anglican parish, the St Patrick Catholic Church.

The church was established in 1896, and is currently home to more than 4,000 people.