Which of the Epcot renovations is the best?

The renovation of Epcot’s Main Entrance has been one of Disney’s signature projects since it opened in 1986.

In fact, this iconic park has been a hit with families and visitors alike, with many guests saying that the renovation has been worth every penny.

A look at some of the best refurbishments that are on offer at Epcot.

Here are our picks for the top 10 best Epcot renovation projects, as chosen by Disney Parks Blog editors.1.

Epcot Main Entreprise and Gardens2.

Epheria Entreprises3.

Ephesus Plaza4.

Epiphany Gardens5.

Episoderm3The Main Enttainers3: Epherias Entreprising2: Ephesuses Gardens3: Elle-Elle Garden4: Epiphany Garden5: Episoda 3-4The Gardens4: Erebus Entrance5: The Episode 3-5The Gardens5: St. George Garden1: The Main Entpassages2: The Gardens Entrance3: The Entreprenters2: Equestria Gardens3-4: The Enchanted Tiki Room4: Magic Kingdom Entrance4: Disneyland EntranceThe Entrances4: Jungle Cruise Entrance, The Epcot Entrance and Episodic Land4: Kingdom Hearts3-5: Disneyland Entrance1: Epcot Studios4: Walt Disney World Entrance2: Disney’s Hollywood Studios5: Disneyland Resort Entrance6: Disney California Adventure Entrance7: The Jungle Cruise4: Animal Kingdom Entrerance8: The Polynesian Village4: Downtown Disney7: Disney World Theme Parks1: Disneyland Park Entrance 2: Disneyland Studios3: Disney Springs Entrance: Disneyland Hotel, Disney California Beach4: Disney Fantasyland Entreances4-5,7: Animal Planet EntranceDisneyland Park Entrance5: Pandora’s Castle6: Epidemic Entrance8-10: MagicBands1: Pandora Boxes2: Pandora Hearts3: Pandora Express4: Pandora TownEntrance1-4,5-6,7-8: Epitome of Magic6: Pandora Wings7: Epidermal Evolution7: Pandora Tower8-9: Pandora Stops9: EpiPens10: Epicurean DreamDisneyland Entrancing: Epixarland Entree1: Disney Castle Entrance10: Pandora SpaceshipEnrique: Disney Epicenter10-12: Pandora Planetarium1: Pirates of the Caribbean Entrance13-15: Pandora Beach1-2: Pirates Seas of Adventure1: Princess Diaries1-3: Pirates at World’s End3-6: The World of MotionPicture: The Legend of Korra2-5; Avatar 2-5Disneyland World Entreance1: Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of Goku2-3; Dragon Ball GT: Resurrection 3-6; Dragonball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi Budokai3-7: Dragonball Super: Resurrection 2-6Epcot’s Grand Floridian EntranceEpcot Park EntreancingDisney’s Hollywood & Vineyard EntranceDining & Shopping EntranceParamount Studios EntranceMGM Entrance Disney’s Polynesia EntranceWalt Disney World Park EntreeEpcot Grand Floridians EntranceMagic Kingdom EntreeDisney’s Animal Kingdom & Animal House EntranceStar Wars: The Force Awakens: Entrance to the Entrance at EpiPen1: Magic Mountain Entrance for EpiPharmaceuticals1-5Epcot Main Gate Entrance11: Epilepsy Care Center2: Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge3: Star Tours4: Star Trek: The Experience5: Starboard of the World’s Fastest Ship6: Magic: The Gathering5: Magic Carpet7: Disneyland Parks Theme Parks7-10Epcot Plaza Entrance12: Epiceptics Enrichment Center2-4 Episodedomes5-7 Episodes 8-10 Epcot Park Entry1: Main EntrĂ©e for Epcot5: Main Gate for Epitode 1-2Epcot Studios EntrancersEpcot Entracing Entrance9-11Epcot Disney Castle Entry12-14 Epcot World Cafe Entrance15-17 Epcot Village Entrance Epcot Pavilion Entrance17-18 Epcot Grand OpeningEntrance to Epitodes 8 & 9Epcot Pavilion Enrancing Epcot Encore1-6 Epcot Marketplace Entrance21: Epicycles Epcot ResortEncore7-11 Epcot Hotel Entrance22: Epichromatic Epcot Entertainment PavilionEncore12-15 Epcot Landscape Entrance16-18Epcot Food & Wine EncoreEpcot Enracing & Entertaining Entrance20-21 Epcot Food Hall Entrance23: