Why is this a huge renovation for a small, single family home?

With the floodwaters from Hurricane Matthew ravaging Southern California, the city of Riverside and the surrounding county are facing a massive renovation of their swimming pool, with a price tag of nearly $250,000.

The $250k swimming pool is expected to be completed by mid-September, but the city has not set a timeline.

The city of Santa Barbara, however, is taking a more proactive approach, opening up its swimming pool for community groups to use.

For the past year, the Santa Barbara Water and Power Department has been working on a $500k swimming area that will provide residents with access to an outdoor pool and poolside seating.

The city has already completed a $2.2 million renovation to the pool, which includes a $20,000 upgrade to the water heater, new fixtures, new pumps, and more.

The renovations will also include a $150,000 solar system and an $11,000 new pool wall.

The pool will also be open to the public from September 1, 2019 to February 15, 2020, with access starting on Thursday, September 4.

The Santa Barbara Recreation Department is offering free admission for anyone interested in taking a peek at the new facility.

The project is part of the city’s commitment to help its residents better manage their health and well-being.

The community will also receive free fitness classes at the pool as well as access to a free fitness studio, a bike shop, a fitness club, and the city offers a $3,000 discount for residents who qualify for the Community Services Grant.

The renovation is part, along with the new pools at the Santa Margarita Park and Riverfront Park, of a larger plan to make the city more resilient in the face of climate change and extreme weather.

In February 2019, the National Weather Service reported that the current record heat wave was set in June of that year, which is why the city is trying to be proactive in mitigating the effects of the climate change.

The county is also taking steps to prepare for future extreme weather, including the development of a weather management plan.

In addition to the swimming pool and other improvements, the community will receive $150 million in federal grant money to help improve the water system, which the county hopes will help ease the impact of Hurricane Matthew.

The City of Riverside is also working with the county on the project, with the city announcing it is working on two new storm water management projects to address concerns surrounding flooding in the area.

The first project will provide a better water treatment system, with new filters and treatment equipment, a better storm water treatment plant, and a new distribution system.

The second project will improve the river and its tributaries by building a new bridge over the river.

Riverside has a long history of flooding.

The River is currently experiencing more than four feet of water in some areas, with some parts of Riverside experiencing as much as seven feet of flooding per day.